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Divan Group operates both in Turkey and abroad via 17 hotels, 3 residences, 21 patisseries one of which is international, 63 bakeries, 13 restaurants, 3 stadium operations as well as 2 banquet units and a factory in Taşdelen manufacturing chocolate, Turkish delight and bakery products.

In the hotel sector, Divan Group focuses mainly on city hotels and operates with its flagship brand “Divan” as well as “Divan Suites”, “Divan City” and “Divan Express” brands. In residence management, the Company operates with “Divan Residence” and “Managed by Divan” brands.

In the food and beverage sector, Divan operates the “Divan Brasserie”, “Divan Pub”, “Divan Cafeteria”, “Divan Patisserie” and “In-Bakery by Divan” brands.

2018 developments
In April 2018, Divan Patisserie successfully launched its e-commerce platform to enhance its penetration in Turkey and introduce more customers to Divan’s unique flavors and quality.

“In-Bakery by Divan” units were opened in the Istanbul Oasis Shopping Center, Istanbul Anatolium Shopping Center and Istanbul Çamlıca Business Center. In addition, 16 cafes and bakeries were opened in Opet Ultramarkets.

Forward-looking expectations
In 2019, Divan Group plans to launch:
• Divan Diyarbakır hotel with 153 rooms,
• Divan City Kayseri hotel with 121 rooms,
• Divan Brasserie Akasya Shopping Center,
• Divan Patisserie Vadistanbul Shopping Center,
• 40 Opet Ultramarket In-Bakery by Divan,
• Divan Kuruçeşme facilities.

Following these openings, the total number of Divan Group hotels will reach 19, restaurants 14, patisseries 27 and bakeries 103.



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