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Tat Gıda

The foundations of Tat Gıda were laid by Vehbi Koç in 1967 with the establishment of the Tat canning factory. Expanding its product range over the years, Tat Gıda is currently one of Turkey’s largest food companies producing tomato paste and canned food under the “Tat” brand, milk and dairy products under the “SEK” brand and pasta and wheat products under the “Pastavilla” and “Kartal” brands.

Highest quality and hygiene standards in production
Behind Tat Gıda’s strong position lies its world-class production infrastructure, long lasting trust based on farmer-producer cooperation and innovative consumer centric corporate culture.

The Company put special emphasis on digitalization, efficiency and farmer communication in 2018. The “From Seed to the Future” conference was held in the R&D center, established in Bursa in 2018, where national and international experts discussed the future of food. A “Digital Agricultural Field” was created and studies were carried out with digital agricultural technologies to promote more efficient and high quality tomato production.

SEK operates with the mission of being an “opinion leader” in milk and dairy products.
In 2018, SEK continued its innovative product launches for healthy living and added Protein Milk and SEK Quark Musli Bar, a healthy and tasty snack, to its healthy product portfolio including Quark.

SEK expanded its Çiftlik product portfolio in 2018 by offering whole milk Çiftlik UHT and SEK Çiftlik Yogurt to consumers.

SEK supports both the physical and social development of children with the motto “SEK raises future generations with goodness”. The Company was once again the “Sponsor that feeds with goodness” of the Euroleague Basketball championship, Europe’s most prestigious basketball organization and organized “SEK Children’s Ceremonies” within this scope.

Pastavilla continues to introduce a wide range of products.
Pastavilla, one of the leading brands in the premium pasta category, launched the Pastavilla Gold Series in 2018, which was produced using 100% semolina from 100% natural durum wheat.

Forward-looking expectations
Tat Gıda is progressing by rapidly and effectively adapting to the changing operating environment and leading this change. The Company will sustain its efforts to strengthen its position in Turkey and in selected international markets as well as to increase its sales volume and the value it creates.

Founded in 1975, Düzey Pazarlama is a leading sales and distribution company specializing in fast moving consumer goods. Düzey successfully sells and distributes not only leading brands of Tat Gıda but also other major brands such as Ferrero, Dardanel, Maret, Pringles and Züber in Turkey.

Düzey Pazarlama has 6 regional warehouses for its own operations and distribution activities. It also has a wide distribution network, which reaches more than 80 thousand sales points throughout Turkey via 58 distributors.

Forward-looking expectations
In 2019 and beyond, Düzey Pazarlama aims to serve its customers in line with market dynamics with a focus on digital transformation and technology, establish new business partnerships with leading domestic and international brands and sustain its growth momentum.


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